Meet the neighbours: AtomLab

11:30 Introducing atomic-scale quantum nanomaterials and devices

What are quantum phases of matter at the atomic-scale? Which are the low-temperature spectromicroscopy techniques employed at CSMB to study them? How to build their devices one molecule or atom at a time?


12:00 Lunch and poster session

Hungry and want to learn more? Join our poster lunch dealing with low-temperature scanning probe microscopy, photoemission electron microscopy and their FAIR data management, spectromicroscopy of carbon nanowires, nanoribbons, nanographenes, nanographanes, and molecule–molecule, –graphene, –TiSe2, and –CrTex interfaces & holonomy, thermodynamic  computing and topological phononics.



Apr 10 2024




Research Building, Lecture Hall 2.049
Zum Großen Windkanal 2, 12489 Berlin
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